20 years old.
Disabled queer babe.
Sex educator for Planned Parenthood.
Hard femme mermaid grrrl aesthetic.
Body posi feminist.
DIY queen, body mod enthusiast, and aspiring hair dresser.

she/her or they/them pronouns please

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So let’s talk about Amanda Bynes for a minute

I’m tired of seeing people making jokes on Amanda Bynes behalf. A lot of people are saying she’s on drugs, or that she has a mental illness causing her to act the way she has been acting recently. If that’s the case, then why are we joking about it and making fun of her? That’s just plain fucked up. If either of those are the case, then she needs help. So what is pointing fingers and laughing at her going to achieve? What kind of satisfaction does it give you to make fun of another person in need of help? Specifically someone you’ve never met?

Also, her being a celebrity does not dehumanize her. Ask yourself if you’d make the same jokes, or jabs, about someone you went to school with. If the answer is no, you’re a shitty person. (you’re also a shitty person if the answer is yes)

I haven’t seen anyone throwing this option out there, and I know this might come as a shock to a lot of people, but JUST maybe, she’s simply embracing who she wants to be. Why should we automatically blame this behaviour on substance abuse or a mental illness, just because it’s “out of the ordinary”? Maybe she’s just comfortable showing her body off, expressing herself the way that she wants, and dressing the way that makes her feel happy. Why should we be giving our input when we weren’t asked for it in the first place? 

So the point of this is, I’m going to pull a Chris Crocker and tell people to “leave amanda alone”, because this is just stupid. Let her live her life, wear what she wants, tweet what she wants, do what she wants with her hair and make-up, and if it does happen that she is mentally ill or on drugs, HAVE SOME FUCKING SYMPATHY. 

Because making fun of someone doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you an asshole.